Friday, September 12, 2008

Half joined the modern TV world

Yesterday at work whilst reading The West Australian paper I saw an advert for a 32" LCD TV for only $799 at Retravision. The mind ticked over and instead of working I decided that I would start my quest to buy a new TV with my soon to be received tax refund. I rang Retravision and got a model number checked out the details online.
Then I spoke with some team members about there recent purchases of TVs and researched their choices. So many choices and some sooooo expensive. I printed stuff and tore pages from the paper and put them in a manila file. I was not going to make a rushed decision.
I left work a bit earlier than normal and decided to check out the local Rick Hart store to ask more questions. Bad idea!! The TVs look all the same, yet all different. Sounds odd, but it is true. I got to hear some interesting comparisons of LCD and plasma, 50hz compared to 100hz, plus the unexpected added costs of extended warranties and power surge power boards. I left Rick Hart with a new file compiled by them with just 3 brands of catalogues as I didn't want to be more confused with so much choice.
I had organised to pick up Pam and we headed to Kambos Homemaker Superstore in Malaga as they has some fantastic specials on TVs that even my Shoprite mob couldn't beat. They had even more TVs, and poor David spent 45 mins with Pam and I explaining all sorts with no sale made. The more I heard the more I realised that it would take my whole tax return to pay for what I wanted and I had already made up my mind I was paying off the credit card too.
David said that he could match the $800 LCD that Retravision had advertised, but didn't have that actual TV and offered a different similar model. I thought it looked ugly and decided that I would rather the Sharp one as it was reduced from $1,400, but the one David had was originally $1,100. So the mad dash was on to get to a Retravision store before late night trade finished. Pam started dialling stores when we were half way back to the Vic Park area. Belmont didn't answer and Carlisle had sold out. We headed to Belmont as it was on the way home and finally they answered the phone - yes they had stock. Pam was asking where they were and funnily enough we were on the right st and only 5 mins away.
We pulled up and the shop looked shut, but a guy was at the door. He said they actually closed at 8pm, but he let us in. He turned the TV on and I said yep I will have one, how much is an extended warranty? $129 - cool. Pam pipes up and says that she wants one too. This guy must have thought his Christmases must have come at once with 2 TV sales on closing time. We also bought the surge protector powerboards and got $50 each taken off them. Amazingly the 2 TVs fitted in the back seat.
We dropped mine off first as it was on the way and I wasn't sure if my housemate Shaun was home to help me carry it. As it turned out he wasn't home, so we dumped the TV in the lounge and headed back to Pam's to drop her and her new TV off. When I got home, Shaun was home with a friend. He was packing as he flew out today. He said he had bad news - his friend broke the TV. I said "not the new one" and I was told that she turned the old TV on with the remote and it just fizzled and now won't turn on. She was mortified!!!!
I was laughing, but she was still troubled as was Shaun. I reminded them I had just bought a new one, but they were concerned that I had sold the old one - as if. It might be 80cm, but weighs 70kg and has been playing up over the last 6 months. I was so glad that I could throw it away as it was broken, rather that fret about throwing away a working TV.
So I have decided that I have some form of psychic ability now. How did I know - I have no idea. Maybe the old TV shat itself when it saw the box with the new one in it????? Maybe not, more likely I am psychic.
I have set the TV up today - well kinda. It is plugged into the new (rip off) powerboard and working, but none of my other electrical gadgets are plugged into it. I will have a go at that tomorrow. Where is a 13 year old school boy who knows exactly how to do that (with his eyes shut) when you need one???
Now I just have to save up for the Panasonic Full HD Viera TV I want, plus the matching home theatre system (only $800), the extended warranty, delivery fee and HDMI cables. Once I get that (I could win lotto) this temporary TV (as I call it as it is not full HD) will be moved to my bedroom to replace the little 51cm. Can't wait!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bali Holiday

So I have still been a bit slack with blogging, but Bel has left a message and I am back on it again. My excuse ...... a holiday to Bali.
On Saturday 9th August Pam, Bradley and I headed to Bali for 6 nights. We all flew staff travel, which means we were on standby. At check-in we were told the flight was overbooked and basically good luck to getting on it. However within 5 mins we were all checked in, and in business class too. After a delay, including 2 families that had failed to get seats booked together ie. children separated from parents (why don't people think of this), which led to Pam going to sit in economy, we were off. Brad and I enjoyed the comforts, which included a few vodkas and diet cokes, whilst Pam was fine, saying she could fly anytime in business, whilst this was my last staff travel trip before Bob comes to Australia.
We got a cab to the Hard Rock Hotel and managed to secure a room. Brad stayed in the room to have a bath, whilst Pam and I went to the bar. The first 2 drinks of Bintang went down well, but the night took an ugly turn after that. One shooter and about 4 skulled cocktails later we were officially smashed. I don't even remember going back to the room. Lets just say that it was the first time that I have chucked from alcohol for over 5 years.
I passed on brekky that morning as I was sooooo ill, whilst Pam did the good mother and had brekky with Brad, and then ventured for some shopping. We checked out at lunchtime, but spent the day by the hotel pool, until I was well enough to get in a car for the trip to Candi Dasa. I get car sick at the best of times,and a hang over, plus an almost 2 hour drive Bali style just about did me in (felt like passing out when we finally got to the hotel).
That Sunday night, we just checked in, settled, had dinner at the hotel (Shangrila Beach Hotel), strictly NO alcohol, and went to bed relatively early. The next morning after brekky, Pam and I headed out to check out the shops. There is a strip, probably as long as Hay St mall, but not as many shops as Candi Dasa. We were a bit hassled for taxis/transport, but politely declined. Bought some water and basic essentials.
Things seem like a bit of a blur, but we ended up chatting to a lot of people at the hotel, mostly Aussies and Poms. The kids all played together, and the adults all enjoyed happy hour from 4 to 6 every afternoon. My drink of choice became a Gin Fizz - who would have thought. I still struggled with drinking after our first night, never got smashed again.
Pam and I ate out for lunch and dinner everyday, whilst Brad never ventured from the hotel. I found that a bit disappointing that he did not get to experience Bali itself. He ordered hotel food day and night, well Pam ordered it mostly as Brad wouldn't. No comment about that! I thoroughly enjoyed all of the local food and only deviated to Western food at breakfast each morning - yummy bacon butties!
Ken (hotel entertainment) organised a boat trip to White Sand Beach for a lunch. I suffer from seasickness, so was driven there in a soft top VW. The lunch was fantastic - smoked(bbq) local fish called mahee mahee (not spelt right) with salads. Pam and Brad snorkelled from the boat, but there were stingers, so I was glad I didn't experience that. For the trip back a boat race was organised - first prize a weeks accommodation. I went back in the car disappointed I would miss out. Well, there were protests as people jumped the start, no one followed the rules, so Ken ruled that the car won the boat race, as I followed my instructions, so I won the boat race. Funny eh - a car wins a boat race. Further protests were ignored.
The photo above is from a Palace Water Garden. Pam and I hired a driver "Tony" to show us around locally. It was just sooooo beautiful and photos do no justice (go to facebook for the photos). Tony turned out to be a saviour as I had battled with UTI from Sunday and had been unable to get antibiotics (to match some spares I had). He took us to a local chemist (aportek) and the staff got a doctor to come and see me and match up the drugs. Till that point I had been extremely stressed.
Before too long it was time to leave. I had managed to suncream up enough to barely get any colour, whilst Brad had spent 2 days inside due to his sunburn. Silly boy refused suncream and a shirt and kept re-burning. Argh! Even on Friday when we returned to Kuta and the offer was there to go to Waterbom, he refused. Bad idea as he got dragged around the shops and sooked and moaned the whole time, apart from the dvd shop. Remind me not to have boys!!!
We bought some Tshirts, sarongs, dvds and Oil of Olay products (which arte dirt cheap in Asia), and tried to drink as much as the remaining 1ltr bottle of vodka we had brought with us. We failed (Pam did better than me) as the stomach was still struggling from the Hard Rock night. I might add that I still have not had a drink since I returned.
We were standby again, on and overbooked flight, but managed to score 3 business class seats again. The pane was delayed again and we left Bali at about 2am. Luckily the flight made up time (3 hours home) and we landed at 5am. The flight was not so crash hot. There was a medical emergency (they even called on passengers to identify themselves if they were doctors etc), and none of us could stomach 1 alcoholic drink... not even wine with dinner. When we landed wee were told not to get up when the seatbelt sign came off. An ambulance met us at the terminal and medical staff, customs and quarantine staff got on the plane instead. Very scary to see quarantine. A poor lady was wheelchaired off the plane. I know that she had passed out not long into the flight (eavesdropping) and that she had thrown up most of the flight (more eavesdropping at a different time). As soon as she was off the plane the usual scramble happened to get the overhead luggage and get off the plane. Row 2 really helped our cause and I am proud to say that I was the first person to get in the duty free shop and the first person to be served.
We did the mad dash to customs, which was interesting to say the least. The woman looked at Pam and stamped a passport, then did Brad, but when she came to me she was holding Pam's passport (hers has a sticker on it). I said to her that was Pam's passport not mine. She checked again and the funny thing was I am a blonde in my passport, but a brunette now, whilst Pam is red/brunette in her passport and blonde now. The lady found it funny and we said it was funnier as we are both born on the same day too - which the woman found even more bizarre.
We made it through and got our luggage, but the woman from customs appeared again and said she had marked our cards wrong in the mix up. Funny! We declared our wood and got to keep it all. Another mad dash for a taxi and finally home at about 6am. I had been awake for 23 hours and was asleep by half 6.
Fab holiday - can't wait to go again.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shame Shame Shame

Hi. My name is Rose and it has been 5 months since my last blog entry.......

I have been extremely lazy with this blog and finally got the motivation to write something, however I have a bandaid on my middle finger and it is making it really hard to type. I guess that I will just start with a brief run down of events of late.

Currently I am sick with a cold/flu virus. I started with a dry throat last Wednesday and am still going. I was off work on Friday and spent most of the day in bed or an the lounge, apart from nearly an hour waiting at the doctors. On Saturday I was ok and managed to head out for Karen's bday drinks. Had a great night, drank a fair bit and had no hangover. Sunday night I got a sore throat (again) and got a new cough to go with it. I have spent the last 4 days at work feeling crap, but have had a morning and afternoon nap at my desk.

I met a new guy about 3-4 weeks ago on a night out with Pam. His name is Kris and he is 31. Very shy guy! Things started off going really well - went on a couple of dates, stayed at each others houses, but he has withdrawn this week. He was supposed to be going away on Tues, but didn't, and I don't know what is going on. Bad news is that my dear friend Pam sent him an email (without my knowledge) on Sat night/Sun morning through facebook (pissed as) saying that him and I looked good together etc etc and that he should look after me - Argh!!! I think this has scared him off :( Shame cos he seemed nice apart from living north of the river! Anyway he is my friend on FB if you want to check him out.

I got weighed this week for my monthly weigh in at weight watchers and am still at 60kg. So that is 5 months maintaining the same weight, which I am stoked about. I have joined the local gym/pool to attend aqua and vive classes, plus I go for walks and jogs along the river when it is not raining. Never thought I would ever take up running, but I am kinda enjoying it.

Speaking of enjoying things - I just want to say that I love So You Think You Can Dance (US version). I am really enjoying the new series. Just love it!!!!

I am using facebook more and more these days, which is why this has suffered. I have caught up with soooooo many people from school and I think it is great. I even had a drink with a girl last night that I haven't seen since the end of year 7. That was 24 years ago!!!! She lives in Como, which is just around the corner from me and works as a lawyer in the city. Unbelievable.

More later ........promise. I have to go shopping now.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Life Time Member

On Monday I obtained my status of Life Time Member of Weight Watchers. This means that I have managed to weigh in under my goal weight for 6 weigh ins, and I can attend all meeting for free as long as I don't go more than 2kg over my goal weight.
I total I have lost 8.1kg, which is so much more than I expected to achieve, including being able to reach that 10% weight loss. I have also dropped down a size and in some things 2 sizes. Great for the ego, but very bad for the wardrobe.
So to combat this I am treating myself (sort of) with a trip to Melbourne tomorrow for 8 days of sight seeing and clothes shopping. The bad news is the budget was not ready for this holiday, so it could be slim pickings in the shopping department. Thank god for factory outlet shopping, and we all know the best place for that is Melbourne. Joining me will be Pam and Angela. We are all travelling on the same flight over, but all heading home on different days. Our plans to catch up with Karen have gone astray as she is being sent to NSW from Monday to Friday for work. Typical!!
Anyways I am off to do my washing and packing for the trip. As usual I will end up taking too much, but I am determined to go with my smaller suitcase.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Attila's 35th Birthday

The 17th of January marked Attila's 35th birthday. So to celebrate Bianca organised a do at their local (and brand new) pub called The Gate. The start time was 12 noon, however Pam ran late so we didn't get there until about half 12.

Despite the small turn out it was a most enjoyable day, what with the food platters and the bar tab. Keeping in line with weight watchers I drank vodkas and diet coke as these only count as 1 point, however I bombed out on the food, even taking a piece of cake!! What the hell I had ruined my point counting with the number of drinks I consumed.

I think Attila enjoyed the day, and I know Bianca was relieved that she had made it a kid free event. The pub is very new and very flash, which makes such a change compared to the trashy places I have been to. The toilets were amazing and there is nothing like a sensor tap that you can't work!

Thanks for the great afternoon, including the train ride home on the new Mandurah Line, whilst pissed as a fart.
And here is a photo of me and my sis.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I have made it to goal!

Monday the 7th Jan was my first day back at work in 2 weeks and was also the first weigh in for Weight Watchers (WW). I was really hoping that I had been able to maintain over the Christmas and New Year period. I had eaten well and drank copious amounts of wine, champagne and vodka, and failed to do any exercise (apart from some shopping).

My clothes certainly over the last 10-12 weeks have gotten baggier and I even had to go out and buy new cargo pants and 3/4 denim pants over the holiday season. I just had this horrible feeling that all the alcohol was going to bite. That and fact I ate fish and chips for lunch on New Years day.

I tentatively stood on the scales and was told well done you lost 0.8kg. That pushed my total loss to 5.4 kg, meaning I got a bookmark for my first 5kg and I reached my goal weight!!! At the meeting I got presented with a keyring and had to talk about my experience and changes I had made. All rather embarrassing as I am sure they all look at me like I don't need to lose weight.

Anyway, I just can't believe that I (the one who loves fatty snacks of shapes biscuits and chips and chocolate) has lost 5kg and dropped a size in clothing. I am now a size 10, but even had the pleasure of buying a size 8 skirt from Rockmans, but trust me it is incorrectly sized.

I have had numerous comments about the weight loss - mostly from the usual suspects (you know who you are), but I have also had comments from work colleagues (including some of the blokes) and some of my male friends. Thank you all for kind comments, they inspire me a bit more to keep at it and not pig out on that cake or chips. I am also feeling more confident and a bit sexy!

I will now be on a maintenance plan with WW, however I have spoken with my leader and have agreed that I will aim for a total of 7kg, maybe 8. That will make about a 10% loss. I don't want to look too skinny, but feel like 60kg would be a nice round number.

Thank you all for your support and kind words. I hope this inspires those of you who are currently on your own weight loss adventures. The journey continues..........

Monday, December 10, 2007

Season 5 Final Poker Tournament

On Sunday the 9 December Pam and I attended the season 5 Grand Final for Poker at Fremantle Oval. This event catered for 200 pro-league players and 65 free-league players. The pros were playing for a first prize of $20,000. I qualified to play by being in the top 80 free-league players and Pam got in on standby.

It was a tough day especially for Pam who was massively hungover. I myself had not indulged so much as I wanted to have a clear mind at the game. It was a slow process to register and the game didn't start until 1pm despite us being there at 10.30am, so we went for food and some shopping.
As usual we ended up on separate tables, but we both managed to still be in the game after the first break (4 rounds of 15 mins). After the break both of us were pretty low on chips and after I had been moved to another table I ended up on the same table as Pam. We didn't last long after that. Not sure where Pam finished, but I was about 30th.
We went to leave and Frank stopped us and said we had to stay. I argued the point that I needed to get to the city before the shops shut at 5pm and that is when he said that he needed to present me an award. So to cut a long story short I was presented with the Rookie of Season 5. How embarrassing having to collect my award from Frank who was on a stage, whilst he bragged about how I had placed six times at final table and that I had an average score that most players would be envious of (396). Hmmmmm, but I have scanned my award for all to see as secretly I am a bit proud. Still think I am crap at poker, but will be looking for an improvement next season, which starts on 13 Jan 2008 (for anyone who wants to come along - as Pam and I will help you).
Just quickly want to add that although I had the day off today to get my hair done, I did pop into work for my weight watchers weigh in. OMG!!!!! I lost 1.8 kg this week!!! I have no idea how as I had a work Xmas do on Friday and drank heaps on Sat too. I now only have 100g to hit my goal weight. My next target will be 10% body weight loss as I tried the size down in my work pants and they were just a little too tight.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What a crap week - & only 3 days in!

Today sealed the crappiest week I have had in ages. It is full moon and I strongly believe that the universe has plotted against me. Today the tears flowed yet that has failed to relieve anything.
Monday - I get a phone call from my real estate agent (the one I rent from, not the one who looks after my apartment) to ask about the lease as it expires in mid January. The conversation went a bit like this (shortened version):
Aaron (estate agent): Do you want to renew the lease?
Me: Yes, definitely.
Aaron: How long do you want to sign for?
Me: I would be happy with 12 months again.
Aaron: Great as that is what the owner is keen on.
Me: Great.
Aaron: Now about the rent. You are paying $300 per week and the owner has had the property valued recently as you know.
Me: Yes
Aaron: He wants to increase the rent to $360 per week.
Me: What!!!!!!
At this point the conversation deteriorated, however I never swore. I argued that I was a great tenant (reliable, pays on time without fail, maintained the property) to which Aaron replied that market values put the place a lot higher etc etc - you can imagine how I felt! I argued extensively about being an owner of a rented property that it does not all boil down to money, but rather tenants that suit your needs.

To cut a long story short I made a counter offer of $330 and was told by Aaron to rethink my offer and call back in 2 days. I have since researched and hate to say that although I know rents had increased I didn't realise how much. Anyway I saw him today in his office and discussed at length my situation in that I have a house mate to consider and that they (Aaron still thinks that Antonia still lives here, not the new guy Aaron) will move out if it goes up to $360 per week. My offer of $330 was given again with this explanation and now I am waiting for a counter offer.

Monday night - was poker night. For those in the dark I play in the WA Poker League (No limit Texas Hold 'Em) on Monday nights. It was a huge night on Monday with 55 players - a record for the Poker Den! I was knocked out in 22nd position, so missed out on points for the season. Must have been thinking about the rent and not the game. That and I got dealt crap that never matched the flop or anything else. I only won one hand and ended up getting blinded out. Sounds all tech I know, but I will explain this all in another blog soon. I am ranked 5th at the den's ladder as you can see here. They also have photos, so if of the nights and you will find Pam's and my photo on this site.

Wednesday - I had a dentist appointment at 8.00am. I was really worried as my dentist, Zac Chami had died since my last visit. Very tragic as he is my age with 3 kids under the age of about 5 or 6. Details are sketchy, but there is a coroners report pending. So a new dentist call Michael, who is sort of standing in until the practice is sold. I am told that I grind my teeth and as a result a molar which has a rather deep filling has cracked. That explains the occasional pain I get in my jaw. I am advised I need a crown and the process will start now. After an hour and a half in the chair and numerous tears of fear and stress the temporary crown is on. It took 6 needles (3 lots of 2) before I stopped feeling the drill - especially where the crack was. The cost................................... $1300! I didn't have the money so have made a down payment of $400 with the rest due in 2 weeks when I go back and get my new crown fitted.

No worries as I have health insurance and this price will be reduced. WRONG!!!!!! A phone call to HBF to see how much I would get back in order for me to budget this soon resulted in my finding I am not covered for "major" dental work. All I could say was holy crap! Last thing I needed, plus the girl at HBF and my work mates said that $1300 was really expensive. Not like I can shop around now for the best price!!!!!! I have increased my cover to include major dental, as I need a root canal, however there is a 12 month exclusion claim time. ARGH!!!

So my credit card has just about been maxed and I am about to take a midnight horror flight to Victoria with Pam to visit Karen tomorrow night. Bloody typical! Looks like a budget holiday for me and no factory outlet shopping for me at all. Plus my new temp crown has a scratchy bit on it that needs drilling off (discovered this after the anaesthetic wore off).

All I can say is NOT HAPPY JAN!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Quick update

Just a quick update on my world seeing as though it is 10.35pm and getting to my bed time. I have also just started reading the last Harry Potter (at last) and want to get a few chapters in.

Where to start...... I went for my regular blood donation today, but it didn't go as expected. My haemoglobin level was right on the lowest acceptable level of 120, which disappointed me a bit as I have always had good levels. I got the experienced nurse as my veins are crap. Basically they are small, hard to find and tend to collapse if they don't get me on the first go. All was going ok as I joked about trying to beat my last donation time of 5 min 22 sec. She was impressed and said lots of people did this, but they have upgraded their machines and she said peoples times had slowed down. She got the needle in and then the machine wasn't setting up correctly, so she asked for help from some one else. This new person said not to worry - why ........ the vein was pierce (or what ever) and no blood was coming out, but it was filling my arm instead. I have never heard any one apologise so much. I bled a bit and they gave me a bruise cream (to take home) and an icepack. Still got my snacks, which I ate as I felt sorry for myself, then felt guilty about the weight watchers points. (They added up to 7.5 points!!!!!!)

So aquaerobics was out completed as advised by the nurse. Pam and Bradley still came for dinner, which was yummy Thai Chicken with red capsicum and bok choy. At least I had heaps more time to prepare and cook. We played scrabble and Brad beat us convincingly. Took my bandage off my (attempted) donation arm and it started bleeding again, so the bandage was put back on. Its a bit sore, but manageable.

I also have a new housemate called Aaron. He moved in on Sunday. He is a 32 year old pilot. Seems like a nice guy - very quiet, but I am sure we will talk more once we get to know each other. Guess we are still getting used to each other, plus he has just moved out of a house with 4 people to just me, so he is enjoying the peace and quiet. I will give more details about this later.

Work is still crap and stressing me out, but at least I am being paid. Don't feel like talking about it now, so more to come later too. Actually I am tired now so might head to bed. At least a short crappy post is better than no post!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Half way to my goal

I have been sick and tired of slowly gaining weight - you know what I mean - the slow creep, so that your clothes get tighter and tighter and eventually you have to buy bigger clothes.

So I have taken the plunge and decided it is time for a life style change. I joined weight watchers (at work) 5 weeks ago and have been taking an aquaerobics class at least once a week. Despite an initial set back, being what I have I let myself into, I have adjusted quite well. That first week brought the realisation of the crap I was eating, and the strong sense I would never be able to eat these things again. However I have learnt it is about moderation..... and point counting! Yes, my cupboard is still half full of crappy food, but I am damned if I am throwing it away and will work on eating it bit by bit. Kinda like rations, but yummy ones!

I have splurged, what with a Melbourne Cup lunch and numerous nights on the grog, but I am learning how to deal with this and adjust the week to save those damn points for those crappy food days. I have changed from Coke to Diet Coke (which surprised me how easy it was) and instead of shapes biscuits when I come home it is celery & carrot sticks with a tablespoon of lite french onion dip. I have also gone back to cooking some basis meals (meat and vegies) which are soooooo yummy after not having them for a while.

The aqua classes are a hoot. I go with Pam and my mum every Wednesday and sometimes Pam and I go on a Friday too. I think I am getting better at it and my mum just cracks me up with her dancing in the pool! The good thing is Pam used to teach so she gets me on the right track in order to get the maximum work out.

So the big question is ...................... is it working?


My plan was to loose 5 kilos (this may increase depending what I look like when I get there). Today I got weighed and I am at the half way mark. I can't believe I have lost 2.5 kilos! My work pants are getting baggy, which is a bummer as I just bought all new pants. Oh well, better off being healthier than have nice fitting pants.